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Hand Printed and Dyed Bloomers


Image of Hand Printed and Dyed Bloomers

I dyed the linen for these bloomers with the idea of printing a design on them. I thought of what sort of design would work with each color and didn’t settle for anything I didn’t love. These are the first of several designs I’ve been working on.

Like seeing the brush strokes of an artists painting, you will see areas where I didn’t quite line up or get a perfect print. I’m hoping you all love these though, I’ve put my heart and soul into them.

The swan print is done with water based ink. My moon phases print is discharge printed and there is no ink. My next print will be with ink like the swan print. These are sewn together with French seams for a finished look inside and out. Excellent quality, these will last a long time and can become a heirloom item to pass down!